How to prevent muscle cramps

You have probably had several strange things happening to your body in your years of existence. The strangest one of them all is the muscle cramps as they can be caused by many things and can seemingly go off at any time and at any place. But what exactly are muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps are muscle spasms or contractions that are usually happening involuntary and for several reasons. They can cause severe pain or can just twitch your muscle a few times with barely noticeable effects. There are two causes for muscle cramps and they are:

– Cramps due to exercise or some heavy pressure on your muscles

– Benign cramps that happen often during the relaxing period like sleeping

Both of these can be uncomfortable or just a small barely noticeable cramp.

Cramps can happen in healthy people as well as people who have some muscle issues, and the cramps can happen at any age group, but they frequently happen during the middle-aged period. The muscle cramps can also happen on a wide variety of muscle. For example, it can happen on your calf’s, on your thighs, on your feet, and on the upper chest. they can also happen on your arm muscles like your triceps and biceps.

Everyone has had or will have a muscle cramp during their lifetime at least several times. Some tend to happen for no reason but some people perform certain activities that tend to increase the chance of muscle cramps happening.

For instance, if you don’t stretch enough during the week you can have a muscle cramp, also prolonged inactivity of the muscle can cause them to start cramping once they get activated. There is also a condition called edema which is a repeated accumulation of fluid in the lower part of the leg that can also cause muscle cramps.

legOther activities that can cause cramps are:

– Becoming dehydrated (this can happen to everyone and should be monitored as it can easily be avoided)

– Low electrolytes in the blood can cause muscle cramps (potassium, calcium and magnesium intake should be increased)

– Certain medication can cause muscle cramps and spasms, so check the labels or talk with your doctor for additional information

– Pregnancy

How to prevent muscle cramps?

Now that we know what can cause muscle cramps let’s get into the details on how to prevent muscle cramps from happening in the first place.

– Don’t eat right before you exercise

After eating you need to either walk it off for a couple of minutes, or you need to lay down and relax as your muscles are not prepared to for high exertion. If you are in a rush try eating after you have completed your exercise.

– Stretch more

Whenever you get up and perform a few stretching exercises you lower the chance of having muscle cramps. This can be good for your health overall but to prevent muscle cramps try and stretch before any exercise and when you wake up.

– Drink more fluids

As we have learned dehydration can cause muscle cramps so just chug down a few glasses a water during the day and you should be safe from dehydration and any muscle issues.